In the past I didn’t have a system for getting rid of cellulite, I didn’t set up any goals… Here I will be explaining you the importance of doing a 2 weeks detoxification when you start a cellulite treatment. In my opinion this was a great factor in my success against cellulite.

Why? The thing is that a detoxification is centered on cleaning up your body of toxins. There are 2 major organs that detoxify your system: the liver and the colon. When they are no longer working properly, toxins are not flushed from your body, making your metabolism slow.

So, the first thing you need to do, to become successful with your natural cellulite treatment is to completely clean your liver and colon of toxins and fats. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply drink lots of lemon water – a minimum of 2-3 liters each day, mixed with some other ingredients that detoxify your system naturally and to start a raw foods diet, mostly vegetables and fruits; eat salads with virgin olive oil. In 2-3 weeks the colon and liver are going to function properly as well as your body will start burning fats and your cellulite will considerably be reduced.

There are also 3 other important aspects to discuss when starting a cellulite cure: creating a daily routine, writing your goals and getting support from your family.

You need a daily routine, so create a timetable with all the actions you will do daily in order to eliminate cellulite. Print it or write it on a piece of paper and make sure you hang it in a visible place. But if you don’t do this, your chances to become cellulite free on legs, thighs and butt, are below 50%.

Another important aspect is to get support from your family and friends. This is also important because there will be days when you will feel stuck, and you will go on just because your loved ones want you to succeed, and you will feel embarrassed if you fail them.

Also, set up your goal: a life with no cellulite, and picture yourself as having achieved this goal.

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