Aloe Vera Health Benefits

This plant that looks like a cactus, is in fact, a member of the onion/lily family. Growing in desert type conditions to heights of five to six feet. There are over 200 varieties but only 7 have any health giving properties. The Barbadensis Miller is the main one used. Only the inner leaf gel should be used as the outer rind contains alloin with can cause stomach upset.

Some people believe that the health giving properties of the Aloe Vera plant really work and there are numerous testimonials from people who have received improvement for many conditions: joint pain, IBS, Crohns disease, Colitis, Diverticulitis, Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, Asthma, Prostate, Urinary, Psoriasis plus many more.

It is also said that Aloe Vera can also help improve and slow the signs of aging. Aloe Vera contains over 72 active ingredients along with 19 of the 20 Amino Acids that our … Read the rest

About Post Pregnancy Belly Firming Lotion

During the months of pregnancy, a woman’s body is subjected to many stresses, both hormonal and physical. The abdominal area, thighs and hips often show the effects of the rapid weight gain by developing stretch marks. Stretch marks are a type of scar tissue using a post pregnancy belly firming lotion can help to heal these silvery marks on the surface of the skin.

The skin of the pregnant woman undergoes a huge amount of stretching. After giving birth, the skin doesn’t return immediately to its youthful tightness, especially in mature mothers. More pregnancies mean a more difficult time in returning to pre-pregnancy condition. Using the lotion not only helps to restore skin texture and tightness because supplies the crucial building blocks that are necessary to heal muscle fibers.

A post pregnancy belly firming lotion is an intensive skin care gel. The product offers powerful hydration at the same time

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Summer Hair Essentials

Anti-Frizz Serum

Girlfriends, what do you need to fight that frizz when the heat makes your hair completely unmanageable and a tangled mess? Anti-frizz serum! This particular serum will not only keep the frizz away from your hair, but it’ll work to keep your hairstyle in tact and keep it smooth looking and oh-so-beautiful! So, when you first get up in the morning, slip on some anti-frizz serum, blow dry normally and watch what happens when you step into the humidity!

Sun Recovery Spray

Remember when I mentioned the sun? Being out in the sun too much will not only dry out your hair, but it can damage it! If you’re hitting the beach all the time, protect your tresses with a spritz of sun recovery spray! This spray will protect your hair, keep it looking amazing and even has SPF tucked into it, so it’ll keep your scalp from … Read the rest

Choose Spray Tanning Equipment

Spray tanning is something that can be done professionally in either the home of your client or in a salon. Some spray tanning equipment is better suited to a salon environment than for use by a mobile professional or even someone in the home. Therefore it is important to look into what you are buying before making a purchase of equipment.

If you are starting a salon from scratch, and this is your first experience of buying equipment, then a good place to start is often with a kit. The key thing here is to ensure that you buy a kit designed for salon use and not for home use as they will be more heavy duty and upto the requirements of dealing with a lot of spraying. The Iwata Professional G6 Spray Gun tanning kit comes with a Power Jet Pro Compressor which is a good example of a

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Silky Smooth Legs

  • While shaving cream is something that most women do use when shaving their legs, in order to avoid razor burn, there is actually a product on the market that is not only cheaper to purchase, but works in a much more appropriate manner. Suave hair condition works in incredible way when utilized as a shaving cream, as the silk properties of the product keep legs appropriately moisturized in order to avoid cutting and burning. In addition, the price is so manageable, it’s hard to avoid at least trying.
  • There are two different markets for razors, which includes men’s razors and women’s razors. The funny thing about these two markets, though, is that if you think about men’s razor’s, they are intended to shave a face, which means that they are less likely to nick, and are generally much more gentle on skin. If you are something that finds that you
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Gel Nail UV Light Dryer

Having your nails professionally done by a saloon technician can be a very relaxing experience. Your appointment can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or little bit over and during that time it’s just you relaxing. Not only are you getting them done beautifully, you are also taking time to interact with another adult which is something we don’t always get time to do.

At the end of the appointment there are only a few things that can ruin your relaxing day at the salon. I know from personal experience that when the saloon technician puts my polish on and feels it with the last topcoat it takes forever to dry. There are different kinds of products that you nail technician may use for you.

The most popular product that’s been used in the salons is usually in acrylic powder that your technician will mix with a liquid … Read the rest

Oily Skin During Summer

Cosmetic products for oily skin are generally water based since an oil based foundation for example would increase the amount of oil residing on the facial skin. This would be like adding water to the sea. However, in the summer, when the facial skin has to deal with heat, moisture and damaging ultraviolet UVA and ultraviolet UVB rays, it needs a protective layer of oil to prevent it from burning which can potentially cause skin cancer and other serious problems. What people with an oily or combination skin type need to do during this period is switch to cosmetic products that contain sunscreen. One of the best products for this purpose would be the foundation since this covers the entire face, but you could also try the primer in a form with added sunscreen or a BB cream if you are using one. There is no need to replace them

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Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Keep yourself hydrated

Since dry skin is a major cause of wrinkles, keep your skin hydrated by taking plenty of water. Consider it as a natural remedy to prevent wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. To look beautiful and younger, try to drink minimum of two liters of water daily. Having adequate amounts of water will help your body to stay hydrated and to reduce wrinkles around your mouth.

Topical treatments

Switch to over-the-counter anti- wrinkle creams to reduce deep wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams are more affordable than those professional treatments or prescription medications. Look only for topical creams that comprised of useful ingredients which treats deep wrinkles like retinol, kinetin or alpha hydroxyl acids.


Getting Botox treatment prevents the formation of deeper wrinkles and lines. Its active component, Botulinum toxin relaxes small muscles which help in the development of frown lines around … Read the rest

Caring for Oily Hair

As mentioned, washing your hair every day may make you feel like you’re taking out all the grease but it encourages the scalp to produce more oils. Limit your hair washing to every other day. Some people, such as Jessica Simpson, limit their hair washing to once or twice a month and rinse it on a regular basis.

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner may save time but it makes your hair worse. While trying to strip your hair of the oils, grease and dirt, it is trying to add more oil in. It simply doesn’t give your hair the wash it deserves, let alone helping to deal with greasy hair. Opt for separate products. They may cost more and take up more time but they are worth it for sleek-looking hair.

If you need to use conditioner, keep it away from the roots as much as possible. If your roots … Read the rest

Long Beautiful Healthy Hair


The hair is also a part of your body. You should be able to do to your hair what you usually do to the rest of your body to keep it well-maintained. This constantly removes the dirt on your scalp and prevents air and other nutritional essentials from getting through to the rest of your hair. Use tested and nicely scented shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

Comb your hair

Regular combing of your hair enhances its growth by improving the flow of blood to the scalp. If possible, wait for it to dry before combing it. Blood carries with it oxygen and nutritious substances and removes the wastes and dead cells that are present therefore enhancing its growth.

Feed your hair

Your hair needs to eat just as much as you do. What you eat will determine how well it grows and how appealing it becomes. Eating a … Read the rest