Brazilian Wax Procedure

  • The first thing which you must do is to apply some Aloe Vera or ice on the waxed region as quickly as possible in case your skin is getting sore and swollen. You can hold some ice onto the area for about 10 minutes so that the area can regain some moisture. On the first day, you need to repeat this procedure several times. Before going to sleep you need to apply some Aloe Vera gel.
  • You need to stay away from the sun for just about 48 hours so that your skin can get a chance to heal itself. Otherwise hyper pigmentation can really bother you a lot.
  • Now, you should consider taking a warm shower. The water shouldn’t be really hot as it could enhance the pain. You can then towel down the water gently.
  • Once you have taken a bath you need to wear loose cotton clothing
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Curly Hair in Winter

Even amongst the curly-haired population, there is still a wide spectrum of curls that require different types of management. Different curl types are commonly classified in the following ways:

  • Type 2 – Type 2 hair is categorized as wavy, yet it is more delicate than straight hair, and susceptible to weather-induced damage. Using sealing products, such as light oil-based products, can help seal the water in the individual strands, keeping them soft and hydrated. Look for leave-in conditioners and styling creams with minimal hold that are either olive oil or jojoba oil-based. Hair salon quality products found in beauty supply stores are your best bet, but small amounts of olive oil applied to wet hair post-wash will serve in a pinch.
  • Type 3 – Type 3 hair runs the gamut from loose ringlets to tight spirals. Type 3 hair can be quite fragile and exceptionally dry and frizzy during the
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Allure of Thunder Thighs

For some women, the size of their thighs isn’t an issue, and hearing the term thunder thighs is not bad. However, the skin and tone could be lacking in some ways. For instance, some women don’t like the cellulite that can build up behind and around the tissue. This is off putting, which is why it’s important to look into solutions that can smooth it out, and without surgery. There are some extremes that immediately assume surgery is the best route, but that’s not true.

If you’re looking to eliminate cellulite, consider changing things around for the term thunder thighs and seek out body wraps. Body wrapping helps in some very distinct ways. Consider the quick benefits that come alongside with this, and you’ll see why so many are seeking out wraps for their legs and even love handles.

  • Holistic Approach – The first thing that you’ll find is that
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Grapeseed Oil

This oil is basically odorless and clean with a pale golden color. As it has a neutral flavor, it can be used for all types of dishes. Moreover, it has a high smoke point and therefore it can be used to fry food. It retains the natural goodness of the oil even when it is used at high temperatures.

The oil which is derived from grapeseed has enormous chemical properties which explain the reason why it is used for various purposes:

  • Antioxidants: It is rich in antioxidants which contain a good source of Vitamin E. This helps to rejuvenate the skin and keeps it soft and glowing. It also reduces the effects of aging process. The presence of antioxidants in the oil lowers the risk of heart diseases and prevents various forms of cancer.
  • Flavonoids: The oil contains a healthy amount of flavonoids which help to reduce the cholesterol levels
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Choose Good Moisturizer for Skin Type

When selecting for the right moisturizing cream for face or lotion go for one that will first of all fulfill the characteristic of adequately retaining the amount of moisture that is needed by your specific skin type as well as help to reinforce the skins protective barrier by firming it up and plumping up the skin cells.

The right kind of moisturizing cream for face must be able to protect the skin from free radical damage as well as manage to help avoid any irritation caused by exposure to the elements by calming the skin. Lastly a good skin moisturizing face cream or lotion should be able to improve the quality of the skin by making it softer, smoother and more radiant.
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Great Spray Tan

  • Spray tanning gives you almost instant results. With traditional tanning, or tanning beds results can take months to appear, but with sunless tanning solutions you can have a great tan the same day.
  • You can choose the shade you would like. With bronzing solutions you do not have to worry about falling asleep in the sun for too long and ending up red as a cherry. Solutions make it easy to control the color that your skin will be at the end of your tanning session.
  • Sunless solutions are designed to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing solutions help with anti-aging efforts, and allow you to keep your glow longer. Beneficial ingredients include aloe and anti-oxidants.
  • Without relying on the sun, you can keep your bronze glow year long. Sunless tanning solutions can be used at any time during the year and in any weather so you no longer need to rely
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Ghassoul Clay

The Greeks and the Romans not only made use of it to cure various problems and illnesses, but also to cleanse their complexion and maintain its normal glow.

A number of European and Oriental scholars have addressed the spectacular advantages of Ghassoul in medicinal indications.

In Northern Africa, Ghassoul has indeed been utilized for ages as a time-honored essential body and hair treatment and a natural beauty-product.

That being said, it was actually, out of the question to take advantage of it right in its unprocessed form in Morocco, consequently the ancestral ritual of the quite secret-kept preparation at home, that is jealously conserved through the generations and entrusted further from mom to daughter.

And even though there are relatively varied (provincial) concoction methods, the method on its own is absolutely nothing of a simple “over night ” solution.

The ritual is composed mostly of maceration of natural gross Ghassoul

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Grow Out the Layers in Hair

  • You can either choose to carry on growing out the length as well as the layers until its all longer, the disadvantage of this method is that it will always be quite messy looking and highly likely (if you have a low hairline) that you will at some point have a kind of mullety look. This method will end up looking a bit like a shag, so is great for trendier people.
  • You can grow all the layers out longer first while keeping sides and back shorter and neater, then when it reaches a certain length then the whole of hair will need to grow. At some point you will end up with a kid of bob shape. This one is the ‘neater’ way of growing out hair but for people who hate bobs, this method may not be for you.

Then as the hair continues to grow you will

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Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is a powder delicately pounded from quality seawater pearls. It is naturally compatible with the body, and is absorbable. For centuries, Chinese knew the therapeutic and beauty effects of pearls, and it’s proven safe and harmless for ingestion and skin application. It also removes body toxins.

The Amino acids that can be found in pearl powder are: Aspartic acid, Arginine, Alanine, Lysine, Methionine, Serine, Phenylanine, Threonine, Glutamic acid, mucopolysaccharides, glycine, leucine, Phenylanine, which is an essential amino acid that acts as a building block for proteins in the body, cystine, histidine, proline, tyrosine, valine, Glycine (the smallest among the 20 amino acids, usually found in proteins, and acts as a neurotransmitter – a chemical messenger that sends signals to the brain, and plays a vital role in keeping your health, wellbeing, and liveliness). Isoleucine (the essential amino acid should be ingested; humans cannot produce it). Histidine (Amino acid

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About Long Length Hairstyles

Popular long length hairstyles in the 60’s and 70’s era was to trim them into a combination of long and short layers to create a long shag. It allowed the lady to dress up or dress down depending on the audience she will be meeting at a certain occasion. It was also incredibly easy to go from ruffled to refined look. Even though this hairstyle began to fade after the 70’s, it re-emerged in the mid 90’s. It is at this time, more and more bold styles were experimented upon.

In addition to having a long hair, some women are blessed with naturally wavy hair type. This is a killer combination. Although such hair demands maximum care and attention, they need minimum styling. When let down, the natural waves add bounce and volume without having to use rolls and curls. Wavy long length hairstyles can also include having to braid

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