Having your nails professionally done by a saloon technician can be a very relaxing experience. Your appointment can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or little bit over and during that time it’s just you relaxing. Not only are you getting them done beautifully, you are also taking time to interact with another adult which is something we don’t always get time to do.

At the end of the appointment there are only a few things that can ruin your relaxing day at the salon. I know from personal experience that when the saloon technician puts my polish on and feels it with the last topcoat it takes forever to dry. There are different kinds of products that you nail technician may use for you.

The most popular product that’s been used in the salons is usually in acrylic powder that your technician will mix with a liquid … Read the rest

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Right Tools

It is very essential that you have the right tools for nail designing. Here are they:

  • Sponge – this is very important especially if you want an ombre design. You can also use a brush but spongers are simple, more fun and easier and it can help you achieve that soft look that you’re aiming for.
  • Nail art brushes – as much as possible, get the pre-bottled ones so your brushes don’t dry out. a regular striper brush will do. These brushes are perfect for doing lines. Keep in mind that there are also some people who make use of nail art pens, which works like a pen.
  • Dotters – these are not hard to find and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Now that you have the right tools to start your nail design at home, the next time that you should do is to know

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