Removing Unwanted Hair


Tweezing is slightly painful and you have to repeat it every few weeks or days, but it doesn’t grow back as quickly as it would if you shaved that area. Depending on the size of the area that you want to remove the hair this could be an option to you. This is a very time-consuming way to remove it, and you have to pull each one out individually.


If you have a larger area that you want to remove the hair from, this is a very effective way to remove the hair. It’s not comfortable to do, but the end results are good. You apply warm wax to the area in the same direction as the hair grows, then you will apply cloth strips to ‘pull’ the hair from the opposite direction, pulling out the hair as you pull off the cloth. This is done quickly and … Read the rest

Hair Sculpture

In straight or slightly wavy hair (the bend point) helps determine whether or not the hair will stand up or lay down in the finished sculpture. By taking a few strands of hair (from the top area of the head) and holding them straight out (up) from the head, then ease back down (towards the point you pulled out from) will reveal the bend point of the hair. The hair will begin to bow (or bend) at about 1 to 3 inches or so out from the scalp. Sculpting at the very end of the bend (away from the scalp) will allow the hair to lay down, in the middle of the bend allows a degree of lift (more lift in coarse or “bristle” hair) and consequently sculpting below the bend (towards the scalp) will allow the greatest degree of lift. In some cases fine hair or hair with strong … Read the rest

Hair Always Looks Great

  • Squeeze and Leave – When we have finished shampooing our hair we very often put our conditioner on without squeezing out the excess water in our hair. This will mean that the conditioner is not as concentrated as it could be and will not work as efficiently. Once you have squeezed the hair and applied the conditioner, try using a comb to pull the conditioner through the length of the hair to ensure that it is blended in and then leave it for at least ten minutes before rinsing.
  • Cold Water – This is an old favourite and only for those who can stand the cold! After you have finished rinsing the conditioner from your hair, doing a final rinse with cold water is said to greatly help. The cold water apparently helps the cuticles to seal and gives your hair a healthier and shinier look and feel.
  • Damage Remedy
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Take Care of Grey Summer Hair

The first is to make sure to use a grey hair shampoo specifically made to strip out unwanted chemicals like chlorine.

Many steer clear of swimmer’s hair by avoiding getting your hair wet altogether. This could be as simple as not going underwater. But if you love to submerge, you could sport a lovely swimmer’s cap. These caps can be quite stylish, sold in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Besides the chlorine, the hot summer sun can also have an adverse effect on your hair. Ultra Violet rays are just as harmful for your hair as they are for your skin. These rays break the bonds in keratin, the protein that makes up hair. This causes roughness, split ends, and can give your hair a bleached-out look.

One of the easiest ways to protect your hair against the sun’s rays is to wear a sun bonnet, head band, or bandana.

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