Wear Acid Tones the Right Way

First, you should make sure that your look is simple. Remember, this color is very bright so make your attire classic, not fussy and not complicated. Don’t try to tone down the color. Let it stand out. Make sure that there is less detail. A strapless gown will make you seem like a Greek idol. The color will also give your gown a contemporary edge.

If you are going to one of those hot parties in town, opt for a trendy neon dress, but try to simplify everything. The dress alone will make you stand out. You don’t need to dress it up. Forget about those big earrings or necklace. You may lose the look that you are going for. For example, you wouldn’t wear jewelry with an electric citrine colored dress. Jewelry will only compete with the look and possible clash with the bright acid tone.

Less is usually more when it comes to neon fashion. Accessories should be simple or don’t wear any. Of course, every woman has a different skin tone and hair color. Bear this in mind when choosing acid tones. For example, if your complexion is as warm as Kathy Griffin and you have bright red hair like hers, you could get away with an acid yellow dress. Conversely, this same dress would not look good on Michelle Pfieffer because she is a blond and has lighter complexion.

Additionally, never wear neon colors or acid tones if your grooming is not perfect. When you do walk into a room, you will be the object of attention. Everyone will not only be looking at your dress, but your hair, your nails and your makeup. Juliana Moore is one of the celebrities that could get away with wearing these colors because she always dresses flawlessly. When you are over the age of 40, your makeup has to be impeccable, you must have well-manicured nails and possible a coiffed hairdo in order to wear acid tones and neon colors. There is no room for anything else.If you opt to wear any of these colors, make sure you look and feel confident because if you do, it will show and you will stand out in any party or event. Have you ever wanted to wear clothes in acid tones, but not bold enough to do so? What is your skin tone and complexion type? Did you accessorize or just went without? What do you think is the best way to wear acid tones and not look overdressed? Let us hear your thoughts.

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