Use Peroxide for Bleaching Hair

  • Before initiating the actual application process, you should wash your locks thoroughly and detangle them. Peroxide bleach offers the best results when applied on freshly washed locks. Washing the hair before applying this ingredient is also necessary as peroxide reacts badly with the majority of the hair products. Washing should be followed by towel drying and through combing for making the locks absolutely tangle-free.
  • Once your hair is ready for the application process, spray peroxide mixture (the mixture should have peroxide and cold water in 1:1 ratio) onto it carefully. To complete the process safely, use a clean spray bottle for misting your curls with the bleaching solution. Don’t forget to wear a pair of disposable gloves before initiating the application procedure.
  • Individuals who want to get their locks colored in streaks should apply thin layers of the solution only on the top layer of their hair. Those who want to make their curls some shades lighter, on the other hand, should apply the solution all through their hair. People looking to bleach their hair, however, will have to make sure that their hair is entirely soaked in the peroxide solution.
  • Once the application process is over, you must give the mixture enough time to sit. This may take up to 60 minutes, after which you must wash your hair meticulously with water. You should not leave the peroxide on your hair for more than an hour as it may result in discoloration of your locks. After washing your curls with water, shampoo them. Ideally, you should use a shampoo formulated specially for bleached hair. If you fail to get any such shampoo, use a shampoo formulated for damaged hair.
  • Every time you apply a bleaching solution onto your locks, you must deep condition them. This will prevent your curls from getting excessively dry and you will also not encounter problems like split ends and brittle hair.
  • If you find that even after keeping the mixture on your hair for 60 minutes you have failed to achieve the desired color, repeat the process after seven days. Unlike hair dyes, peroxide takes time to show results. However, if you have healthy hair, you can accelerate the process a bit by applying heat. To be more precise, sit in the sun after applying the mixture onto your hair; this will surely offer the desired results quickly.

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