As far as facial hair, close-cut beards are in. Go to a barber so that they can line up the edges for you and you’ll be able to maintain it on your own after that. This is why you’ll want to purchase some battery-operated clippers with a few guard options. Use the shortest guard option on your beard and no guard on other areas of your body. Invest in a nose hair trimmer, as well. Plucking it can bring even the biggest badass to tears. Both of those items should be small enough to fit in any travel case for easy maintenance. Have hair on your ears? Shave it off. Be careful using tweezers near that area. Being able to hear is more important than having smooth earlobes.

Attention to detail isn’t meant to make one more self-conscious. It is meant to enable you to express yourself effectively. If you don’t give someone a mess of nose hairs to look at when they’re talking to you, they are more likely to be paying attention to what’s coming out of your mouth. The same is true in reverse, however. Work it how you will. Becoming self-aware is a struggle, but the end product is a better you and the confidence becomes visible.

Speaking of visible, are you one of the lucky guys to be born with a giant “uni-brow,” like me? If so, I can help. I was able to transform mine into something I actually like looking at. Here’s how. First, I trimmed them with a pair of small scissors. This took away the bulk and made everything easier to work with. Then, I used some tweezers and plucked the hairs between my eyebrows. Remember, you don’t have to take out every hair from in between them. Leaving it sparse gives it a groomed look without making it obvious. Also, most guys don’t know that it’s better to pluck hair from the top of the eyebrow, directly above the inner eye, than it is from underneath the arch. Taking too much from underneath the arch is where most guys go wrong. Leave that area well populated with strays, even if you decide to thin it out a bit. You don’t want to make it obvious. You may just need to clean it up a bit.

Lastly, let’s turn our attention to body hair. Although there’s nothing wrong with a little chest hair, keep it trimmed to a 2 or 3 clipper guard setting at most. Stomachs look more trim when trimmed, as well. Back hair is just out of the question. Have it waxed or shave it. Blend the shaved areas into the hairy ones with the hair trimmer and guard. Also, there’s no excuse in today’s day and age to have any hair on your baby-makers. Girls don’t like it. Neither do guys, if that’s your thing. Keep your family jewels smooth and you’ll end up finding more opportunities to put them on display.

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