Let me share with you a few face exercises that will help tone the muscles and shed the fat stores around your face. As with everything else, consistency is important, even with face exercises. If you can perform this exercise every day, the chances of seeing spectacular results in a shorter period of time will increase.

The first exercise will focus on your neck area, which is also a problem spot for many people who want to remove wrinkles and fine lines on their face. This exercise will also burn a few more calories that your regular face exercises, because it will involve moving your head from side to side.

Begin this exercise by lowering your head until your chin is almost touching your chest. When you feel some minor strain at the back of your neck, stop. You have reached the optimal starting point for this exercise, and you should not go lower anymore.

Next, I want you to gently turn your head to the right until you feel a comfortable pull on your neck muscles. Hold this position for three seconds and move back to the center. Turn your head to the left, and hold this position once again for exactly three seconds. Perform this exercise at least twenty times in succession for best results.

The second exercise that I would like to share with you will challenge the muscles controlling your mouth and cheeks. To begin this exercise, simply pull in your cheeks by creating a mini vacuum in your oral cavity. Once your cheeks have been sucked in by the vacuum, try to smile big while at the same time keeping your cheeks sucked in.

The tendency for many people is to release the cheeks from the vacuum so that they can smile. Don’t release the cheeks at all. I want you to resist the smile, no matter how much you want the smile to appear. This will help challenge the muscles around the mouth region and, ultimately, this type of face exercise will also help shed any excess fats on the cheek area.

The next exercise will help stimulate the muscles across the lower half of the face. To perform this exercise, simply open your mouth wide and push out your tongue as if you were trying to lick the largest ice cream cone in the world.

It’s important to just let go of your tongue, because the more you stretch your tongue, the more engaged your facial muscles will be. Make sure that your eyes are also working when your tongue is hanging out. Open your eyes as if you were trying to see something huge in the distance.

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