Tweezing is slightly painful and you have to repeat it every few weeks or days, but it doesn’t grow back as quickly as it would if you shaved that area. Depending on the size of the area that you want to remove the hair this could be an option to you. This is a very time-consuming way to remove it, and you have to pull each one out individually.


If you have a larger area that you want to remove the hair from, this is a very effective way to remove the hair. It’s not comfortable to do, but the end results are good. You apply warm wax to the area in the same direction as the hair grows, then you will apply cloth strips to ‘pull’ the hair from the opposite direction, pulling out the hair as you pull off the cloth. This is done quickly and the pain will only last a few seconds.

Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is about the same method as waxing, but it uses thick sugary products instead of traditional wax. This is an easier clean up method than waxing, since the sugary substance is easily cleaned up with rinsing the area off with water.


Hair removal creams will melt the hair way. It is a chemical solution to the unwanted hair, It can irritate the skin in the area that you are working with. You apply this by using the cream in the area and leaving it on per the instructions for so long, then you rinse it off and the hair will fall out with it. This will leave the skin smooth, and the hair will not need to be done again as quickly as it would have if you only shaved that area. These products can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Always do a test section before applying it to the area that you want.

Prescription Creams

Vaniqa is a topical cream approved by the FDA which will reduce the growth of facial hair. Results from using this may not be seen for up to eight weeks after using it, but the results will least up to 8 weeks also after your finishing the treatment. If you are in interested in this treatment you will need to visit your physician for a prescription.

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