Remove Facial Hair With Threading

Threading is something which poses less risk to woman’s beauty while benefiting to a great extent. It is an ancient way of removing body and facial hair, a practice that originates in Iran. Unwanted facial hair is removed using a thread to pull the hair from the follicles. Threading is usually done at salons by experienced practitioners, and is more effective than bleaching or shaving. Also, it is more painful than waxing, but the results are well worth it. Here is how you can remove facial hair with threading.

Buy a spool of pure white cotton thread. Get two feet of thread and hold one end of the thread in each hand. Knot the ends together to form a circle. Still holding the thread with two hands, wind it ten times until the thread’s shape looks like a bow tie. The middle of the thread should contain the wound portion.

Move the wound portion from one end of the bow tie to the other by spreading the fingers of one hand while keep the fingers of the other hand closed. Get used to moving the wound area back and forth by repeating the alternating close-and-open motion. Once you are used to maneuvering the wound portion back and forth, you can now begin threading your body hair.

Before you start threading your facial hair, it might be a good idea to practice on your leg hairs first so you won’t make any mistakes on your face that you will regret later on. Sit on a chair or bathtub and prop one leg up until it reaches a comfortable height. Decide on which hair you want to target first and start removing them by placing the wound side of the thread on one side of the hair.

Start stretching and closing your fingers to move the wound area from one side of the thread to the other. This movement should grip the hair and yank it out from the root. Repeat the whole procedure until you are satisfied with the results.

Once you feel confident to start removing your facial hair with threading, you should start with your upper lip. You can begin with one side of your upper lip and repeat the same motions you did when threading your leg hair. Once the hair is completely gone, work on the other side of the upper lip.

Threading eyebrows is more difficult than removing upper lip hair. Start by removing the unibrow – the hair between both eyebrows. Then slowly remove stray areas above the brow. Be careful when threading the bottom brow as this is the most sensitive area of the eyebrow.

Apply baby oil, skin toner, or good moisturizer on the threaded area to soothe your skin and to close any pores.

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