Procedure for Upper Arm Fat Removal

So the feeling women have with short sleeved blouses, or exposing their arms with sleeveless blouses when they have excess fat, on the back of their upper arms are both unattractive as well as frustrating for women. Don’t be afraid to raise your arms, but build your confidence once again, and raise your arms freely without the embarrassment of that ugly excess back arm fat.

But with the arms lipo procedure the fat is reduced, or eliminated, and it can make a women feel more attractive when wearing a short sleeved, or sleeveless blouse. Liposuction is a highly effective technique that removes the fat that just won’t go away with a diet, or exercise. The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours to perform, and is done with a local anesthesia. But not everyone may be a good candidate for the procedure, so your doctor will help to determine if you are.

The skin will contract significantly with this procedure, and with the arm skin flapping it is often reduced, or even completely eliminated. The condition of the arm skin will dictate the degree of improvement. The skin will often be fine if there has not been any fluctuating in excessive weight.

A cosmetic surgeon can perform the liposuction procedure which will remove the fat while leaving only very small scars. With brachioplasty however it removes fat in addition to the hanging skin resulting in larger scars. The brachioplasty is recommended if there is a significant amount of loose skin that needs to be removed. Excess skin, and fat are both skillfully removed with the procedure needed.

Arm liposuction is the most attractive procedure for reduction of fat, but without a total elimination of the fat from the back side of the arms. The best outcome for a smooth layer under the skin is a small amount of fat. A smooth reduction can be achieved with the use of slim lipo laser. Removal of too much fat can make the arm appear too thin.

When recovering afterwards from the arms lipo procedure your arms will feel sore as if you just had an intense workout. There are not any activity restrictions, and you should resume any normal lifting as soon as the soreness allows. You should also try to rest your arms for approximately 4 or 5 days, and you should feel completely normal in about 4 weeks.

If you wish to improve the excess fat on your upper arms than this is the ideal procedure for you. If the elimination of heavy fat upper arms is on your wishlist then now is the time to consult with a cosmetic surgeon. Turn your wish into amazing results, and suck away that underarm flab in about an hour.

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