Positive Aspects of Spray Tanning

It Looks Realistic

Yes, sometimes you see people with fake tan on who look terrible! They have that horrible unnatural orange look. However usually there is a reason for this. There may have been too much tan used, the wrong color could have been chosen, or a very cheap brand could have been used.

But the quality of spray tans in improving all the time.

After a little research (or trial and error!) in relation to which brand suits you the most, you should be able to look like you’ve just come back from a vacation. If you want to look even better then spray tans from a professional may be an option. However this option will be more expensive.

You Can Get Quick Results

It’s easy to get impatient about getting fast results. This can sometimes increase the dangers mentioned above. You want a tan fast so spend more time in the sun than is actually safe. With most spray tans the results you see should be either be instant (such as with a salon treatment) or will develop in the hours after you apply the tan.

This means you can get it right before you go on a night out, or holiday. They don’t last for ages – usually a few days. However exfoliating your skin before getting the tan can make it last a little longer.

It Can Save You Money

Although buying spray tans either from a shop or salon can be expensive, it can work out less expensive than other methods. If you’re going to be using a tanning bed, the costs will begin to mount up. It’ll need to be a constant process too, or you’ll start to peel. Of course tanning naturally outside is free, but remember the risks involved. Without proper protection you may end up paying in a different way in the future.

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