Wear Gloves

Wear gloves to protect your nails and your hands. Wear them when you wash dishes because water can seep into your nails causing them to swell and become brittle. Also, wear gloves if you go outside when the weather is cold.

Keep your nails cut short.

Nails are more likely to become damaged when they are long, and can get in the way when doing daily tasks. Doing tasks in the kitchen or at the office can be tough on your hands so stay alert to avoid accidents to your nails.

Use Natural Cosmetics

Some nail products can cause an allergic reaction. Use natural cosmetics and avoid nail hardeners as they can cause nails to become too hard and brittle. Moisturize your nails instead of hardening them.

Minimize the amount of nail polish remover that you use. Only apply as much as you need to remove the polish. … Read the rest

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Like other civilisations before them, the Victorians saw pale skin as a symbol of feminine beauty, and encouraged women to neglect makeup and refrain from covering their natural skin tone. Cosmetic merchants quickly adapted to this by creating products that deliberately enhanced pale skin, such as those containing Zinc Oxide, a much safer concoction than light-skin formulas of the past that often contained lead. Cosmetics also remained prominent in British society through women’s choosing to paint fine blue lines on their skin to make it appear luminous enough for the veins underneath to be seen, as this was also considered a sign or great beauty.

But that’s not all. In the desire to achieve a pale and almost unwell looking appearance, women would accentuate the dark rings around their eyes by smearing red rogue onto their cheeks and lips. Other ways of subtly using cosmetics for a natural look were … Read the rest

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