Many moisturizers are laden with chemicals which can actually harm your skin as well as your overall health overtime. Some chemicals react with sunlight generating free radicals which damage and destroy cells causing your skin to age more quickly. The other risk with applying chemicals to your skin is the risk to your health. It’s been reported that over 60% of what you apply to the surface of your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, you want to avoid feeding your skin chemicals which may end up wreaking havoc on the inside of your body.

However, not all natural or organic moisturizers are created equal. Many companies will put a few natural or organic ingredients in a moisturizer along with inexpensive chemicals and slap an “organic” or “natural” label on it. But in the vast sea of skin care products there are respectable companies that create exceptional and safe organic and natural products. In fact, if a product is too inexpensive beware, because high quality organic ingredients simply cost more. On the other hand, just because a product is more expensive does not guarantee that it is safe, effective, or organic. Look at the list of ingredients and if there is an ingredient that raises concern, research it. Most organic lines will put the scientific name of an ingredient with its more common name in parenthesis. For example, you might see something like oenothera biennia (evening primrose oil) on a label. Being able to see what the ingredient is helps you to decipher the list of ingredients and helps you determine which ingredients are natural and which ones are questionable.

Using a pure and natural line will not only encourage your skin to look more beautiful but will also offer peace of mind knowing that the ingredients that are seeping into your bloodstream won’t compromise your health. Educating yourself is an important step in protecting your skin as well as your health. With this knowledge you can then select a safe and effective organic moisturizer that will make your skin more beautiful without harming your health.

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