• Start by getting the right hairstyle that suits your face. Select layers, bangs, length etc. based upon the length and shape of your face. For instance, you can use layers to make a long face look shorter.
  • Get regular trims in order to keep medium or short hairstyles in the right shape. This is one of the biggest problems of having short hair but it is necessary for looking attractive.
  • Use the right kind of product (in the correct quantity) to hold hair in place and also to give it a glossy and attractive look. You can experiment with different types of products to change your look from time to time so that you don’t look boring. You will not be able to do without using a texturizing cream or any other product in case your hair is cut in spikes. There are many serums, gels and sprays available in the market these days.
  • You’ll need a hairdryer in case your hair has a tendency of falling flat. Blow drying your hair will help build up volume so that it frames your face perfectly.
  • Short hair generally should be shampooed every other day at the very least although this depends on how much natural oils your scalp produces. If your hair is curly then you should hold back the shampoo because your hair will look great thanks to the natural oils it contains.

Your hairdresser might be too busy or preoccupied to suggest the best medium or short hairstyles for you or even the most suitable products to use, therefore you’ll need to guide the person in the right direction. These tips will ensure that your hair is actually your crowning glory, irrespective of how long it is.

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