The “Lap” in Lap-band surgery stands for “laparoscopically”. That means the doctors use long, thin cameras (called laparoscopes) to insert the band through small incisions in the abdomen. It works by making the stomach smaller, restricting food, making the person feel full faster so that he eats less.

Obesity can cause a multitude of health problems. This surgery is generally carried out to help weight loss and to reduce the risks to health related to obesity.
This surgery may be appropriate for you if:

  • You are morbidly obese (have a BMI of over 40)
  • You have a BMI of between 30 – 40 and suffer from a condition that poses a serious health risk (including diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure) and
  • You have tried to lose weight in the conventional way, through diet and exercise, but have failed to lose a significant amount of weight.

Following weight loss there is a reduction in the health risks associated with being obese. The motivations for adjustable gastric surgery vary from person to person, however patients commonly report:

  • Significant weight loss
  • A long term change in attitude towards healthy eating
  • Improved health and mobility
  • Improved mental well being
  • Boost to self esteem and self confidence.

Extra weight means extra cost. The lap-band surgery doesn’t involve cutting and stapling your stomach and re-routing your intestines. The Lap-Band cost may vary from individual to individual. It may depend on several factors like your health plan, the surgeon/doctor you choose etc. Though the costs may lie somewhere between $18,000 and $35,000.

Also, if you are considering this surgery you have to be prepared to make some very radical changes to your current lifestyle, mainly where your attitude about food is concerned. Please realize that after you have this surgery you will never be able to sit down and eat a “normal” meal again. Yes, you’ll be able to eat solid foods, but a meal for you will consist of a few ounces. For the band to really help with long term weight loss, you have to be consistent and change your lifestyle eat small, HEALTHY meals and exercise.

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