Keeping Your Skin Young And Vibrant

Always protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Never underestimate what the sun’s rays can do to your skin. Extended exposure to the sun’s rays could and will damage your skin – deplete your skin’s moisture and discoloration. In order to protect your skin from the sun, always apply sunscreens and sun blocks, especially those that are approved by skin doctors.

Relatedly, use eye creams as well for your facial skin in order to remedy those under-eye pouches dusky circles and wrinkles in your facial area. For wrinkles, use creams with retinol as it is proven to increase the collagen production on your skin. Use creams, masks, and serums with anti-inflammatory substances for those puffiness. For those dark circles, use creams that are rich in vitamin C as it helps in the decreased production of melanin.

Load up your skin with antioxidants. These antioxidants are known for their ability to absorb free radicals, which are known to be the cause of incurable diseases such as cancers. Creams with antioxidant properties are beneficial to your skin in order to avoid getting skin complications.

Also, always keep your body cool and hydrated. It’s never bad to drink plenty of water. In fact, drink as much as you can. It’s a good way to detoxify your body from the inside and keep your body cool as well as your skin hydrated. Your skin loses its vibrancy when it’s dried up. The effects of creams as well are optimized if you keep your skin hydrated.

Lastly, pair your efforts with healthy foods and diet. You’ll get the skin that you want if your body is fully nourished with vitamins and minerals that it needs. Opt for fruits, vegetables as well as healthy meats such as fish meats (which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that can repair skin cells). Also, don’t forget to include facial massage in your routine as this could actually help improve the blood flow in your facial area and sooth your tired muscles. By massaging, dead skins are also exfoliated, thus bringing out newer and younger skin.

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