Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is an excellent way to get semi-permanently straight hair. If you have naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair, and it could be a very worthwhile alternative if you often spend a large out of time each day in front of the mirror with your straightening irons. The wonderful thing about Japanese hair straightening techniques is that after you have had it done, your hair will dry straight, so even after you have showered and washed your hair, you do not have to spend time straightening your hair again before you leave the house. Although even the cheapest chemical straightening procedures are usually a few hundred dollars, if you consider the amount of time which you will save every day, it can be well worth it.

The process is very simple if you choose to have your hair straightened semi permanently, but it needs to be done by a trained hair salon professional, because of the chemicals which are used to treat the hair. Firstly, a cream solution of chemicals will be applied to the hair, which is used to make the structural bonds of the hair softer and more flexible, meaning that it is much easier for the hair salon stylists to manipulate the hair. The stylist will then run hot irons over the treated hair, as they would in a normal straightening process. The chemical which are on the locks will help the locks to straighten very, very easily. Once the hair is in satisfactorily straight condition, a neutralizing solution will be added, which helps to reforms the chemical bonds of the hair, but in its newly straightened form. Lastly, the stylist will give the hair a final once over with the hair straightening irons, to help seal in the straightness and ensure that it is sleek, smooth and silky! For some people, one straightening treatment at a hair salon is enough to leave their hair straightened for up to six months, but very wiry, thicker hair or some Afro-Caribbean hair types may need two individual sessions, with a period in between to allow the hair to recover from the chemical process. The whole process will last about 4 hours in total.

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