• Squeeze and Leave – When we have finished shampooing our hair we very often put our conditioner on without squeezing out the excess water in our hair. This will mean that the conditioner is not as concentrated as it could be and will not work as efficiently. Once you have squeezed the hair and applied the conditioner, try using a comb to pull the conditioner through the length of the hair to ensure that it is blended in and then leave it for at least ten minutes before rinsing.
  • Cold Water – This is an old favourite and only for those who can stand the cold! After you have finished rinsing the conditioner from your hair, doing a final rinse with cold water is said to greatly help. The cold water apparently helps the cuticles to seal and gives your hair a healthier and shinier look and feel.
  • Damage Remedy Creams – Similar to a hair mask, these products are designed to repair the hair. They are not particularly cheap but they apparently promise that your hair will feel nourished and look shiny after treatment.
  • Heat Sprays – Many times, it’s the frequent drying, straightening and curling that tend to cause much of the damage; it is therefore advised that you use a specific spray for drying, straightening and curling which will help to protect the hair from becoming dry.
  • Clip in Hair Extensions – If used correctly and wisely, hair extensions are something else that may contribute to the overall health of your hair. If you choose to wear extensions from time to time, you will be able to cut back on the colouring and dying and even some of the heating will be applied to the extensions rather than your own hair.

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