Protect Your Lips

The key to make them soft and luscious is protecting them from the elements. Only a small number of people are aware of the fact that the pout don’t have oil glands so they only depend on external moisturization sources like the use of lip balm. They are very prone to getting chapped since they become dry quickly especially during certain weather conditions. This is the reason most cosmetic products like lipstick and lip plumpers also offer lip balm features or contain moisturizing ingredients.

Constant Maintenance

Continuous maintenance is the key to having smooth and sexy lips. You also need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough fluids daily since dehydration can make your it dry and prone to chapping. You need to focus on prevention in order to avoid damaging your pout and making them dry and rough. You should also regularly exfoliate it by using a soft toothbrush or cloth to gently remove dead skin cells. Mix some sugar with olive oil for a good natural exfoliator. It is advisable to use lip balm that offers SPF especially when you’re exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

Learn How to Shape Your Lips Correctly

A time-tested technique to enhance its natural beauty is by using lip liner. It serves a dual purpose since it prevents the lipstick colour from bleeding out while at the same time defining the natural contours. Remember to choose a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick or lip gloss. If you use shaded lip plumpers, choose the shade carefully and make sure it matches your lip liner. To make it appear fuller, you can draw the lip liner outside your natural lip line. In contrast, you can make your it look thinner by drawing the lip liner inside the normal lip line.

Choose Your Lipstick Shade Carefully

If you want to make it stand out, you need to be careful in choosing the shade of your lipstick. It should match your skin tone to add a great spin to your overall look. For slightly dark to olive skin tones, earthy shades like brown, bright red or coral are ideal. For red heads or brunettes, brick brown red is usually the best choice. People with pale skin are advised to go for coral tones or sheer lipstick. This is also the case when it comes to choosing lip gloss or lip plumpers.

Tone Down the Colour of Your Lips

If your lip colour is too bright, you will look garish instead of classy. You can tone it down by giving it a neutral colour. The trick is to apply foundation before you apply any kind of lip makeup. The foundation will neutralize the natural tone of your lips while also making the colour last longer. For a smoother finish, use a soft brush for spreading the colour evenly.

Use a Good Lip Plumper

Research suggests that most women are not happy with their pout. There is a natural and safe way to achieve fuller and more luscious pout in the form of lip plumpers. You just have to be very careful in choosing a product. Check the active ingredients carefully and do your research to make sure that they are both effective and safe. Look for feedback from people who have used the products you’re considering to help you discover the best ones. The best lip plumping products also offer protection and some colour to enhance the appearance of your pout quickly.

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