A prominent-looking chin or a recessed chin can both be corrected by genioplasty. For ensuring the best possible results, Botox treatment, neck lift or face lift can be carried out along with cosmetic chin surgery. You can also go for this chin surgery as a standalone or independent procedure. Ensuring that the chin is in harmony with the rest of face is the main objective of the surgery. Apart from chin augmentation, cosmetic surgery also involves various procedures such as raising, lowering, reducing, recessing or advancing the chin.

Implant surgery, soft tissue and bone surgery are the three major surgery options available in genioplasty which are commonly used depending upon the requirements of the patient:

  • As it involves inserting silicone implants only, implant chin augmentation surgery is considered to be the simplest of all procedures. Based on the demands of the chin job and extent of the area, the surgeons decide on the implants to be used. Apart from the risk factor, pain and discomfort is also less in the procedure.
  • As precise cutting of the bone is involved in the procedure of bone surgery, it is more of a complex nature. After cutting the bone, the surgeon would move it to the desired location. The surgeon would recommend bone procedures only in cases where radical chin structure alterations are required. Although the procedure is a complex one, the recovery is quick. There is no risk of infection and no long term risks are involved.
  • The surgeon would perform soft tissue procedures when minute alterations are required to a chin which is already treated. This procedure is applicable in those cases where patients have specific ideas as to how their chin should look.

Important Considerations: State-of-the-art Technology and Experience of the Surgeon

When planning for genioplasty, your primary considerations should be the experience and reputation of the plastic surgeon, and the technology used to provide the surgery. Make it a point to have the surgery done at an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center that offers the services of plastic surgeons having many years’ experience in the field and are known for providing successful surgeries.

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