Appreciate something about your body a few times a day. This can seem like an extremely hard thing to do, considering that most advertising is out there to point out what is wrong with you. To fight that, you need to spend time every day thinking about what you have that you like. Do you have nice eyes? Do you have great legs? What is wonderful about you?

If you want to feel beautiful, once you know what is super about you, think about how you can best showcase this feature? For example, if you have beautiful eyes, then you can apply makeup that showcases them. If you have great legs, you can pull off that micro-mini that no one else can. Once you start to take advantage of what you already have, you’ll see that others respond well too.

Avoid stress. You know that stress makes you look haggard. But more than that, stress can affect how you feel about yourself and what you’re doing. Stress can interfere with your ability to cope with your day, and that can lead you to make choices that aren’t great for you. For instance, if you feel stressed about work, after work you might come home and eat too much junk food. That won’t help you look any better, and you’ll feel terrible after you have a sugar crash–and you’ll continue to make decisions that don’t serve you.

Get enough rest. You definitely do not feel beautiful when you’re operating on two hours of sleep a night. Give yourself a break and just sleep as much as you need to. That may not seem possible, but the truth is that sleep is not a luxurious, inconvenient thing you need to do. Sleep is mandatory, and that is why you look so terrible when you do without it. Rearrange your schedule in a way that guarantees you get enough sleep.

Get some exercise. You’ll feel much better about your appearance if you can drop a few pounds. There are hundreds of exercise programs that you can do, so don’t feel that you have to be stuck in a gym.

No matter what you add to your face, or what kind of skin treatments you do, the fact remains: there is a beauty that only you have. That’s why you need to use the tips in this article to remember that. Do your best to appreciate yourself, and it will not matter what you add, because you will know that you are already beautiful.

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