If the day is dreary, use makeup to help change your mood! Bright eyeshadow colors or bold eyeliners can cheer you up and make you look like you’re in a good mood, even when you’re not. Dazzling eye colors can give you a sunny disposition, even if you’re in a funk. Bad moods are running rampant in today’s economic woes, so use makeup to make you feel good on the outside, even if you’re crumbling on the inside.

Got a special occasion? Makeup can be used to dress up your look. You’ll need to plan ahead and use more cosmetics than you normally do. This will help offset any LBD you’re wearing and make you stand out in any crowd. Use thicker lines of liners and extra coats of mascara for formal occasions. Basic black or brown are always a good color choice because they look the most conservative and professional.

Like to express yourself? Women have been using makeup for hundreds of years to do just that. From the days of Cleopatra to the present-day, women have long been using makeup to protest, grandstand, revolt, promote, boast, or just to make a statement! Dragging bold eyeliners (like black, yellow, or glossy green) beyond the lashes empowers you. Wearing bold eyeshadow colors (like dusty gray, golden orange, or passionate purple) let’s others know that you’ve got something to say! From the sixties style makeup to grunge, do whatever you feel to help flaunt your feelings.

If you still like to wear costumes for Halloween, you’re in luck! Makeup can change any face into any person, place, or thing! Use an ashen green, black, and red colors if you’re into scary creatures like zombies, werewolves, or vampires. Use white, black, and red if you’re going as a clown, mime, or Raggedy Ann or Andy. Impersonating someone? You’ll need to study their face so you can mirror they’re image. Printing out a picture you find online can help. You can always buy a mask if you want to but using makeup adds so much more pizzazz and it’s a whole lot more individualized! Do it right, and you could win a contest!

Whatever way you like to use makeup, just make sure you scrub it off your face before you go to sleep. If you don’t, you could easily wake up with pink eye in the morning, which is never a good way to start your day!

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