Create The Perfect Cat Eye Look

First of all, choose an eye shadow shade that is a little bit lighter than the skin tone of your eyelid and using a large eye shadow brush, lightly dust all over your eyelid.

Then, apply a highlight colour following the natural arch of your eyebrow, beginning from the inner brow and then sweeping outwards. At the edge of your eye crease apply a subtle brown shadow brushing inwards to about half way. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend the shadow to make a more subtle appearance.

Next, draw a line as close as possible to your lash line starting in the middle of your top lid, bringing the line upwards past the lash line to create the eyeliner wing. Bring the line back to the inner corner of the eye. You can choose a thin line for an elusive look or a thick line for a more dramatic look. To be able to create a straight line takes time and a lot of practice. You can draw either many short strokes or a single stroke line, eyeshadow palettes for beginners.

After you finish drawing the wing, make a fine line to the upper lash line. This creates an empty triangle on the top of your upper lid. You can make a slightly bigger triangle that ends at the middle of the lash line if you want to make your eyeliner thicker. But if you prefer a subtle look, then just make a small triangle that ends in the outer corner.

You should then colour the triangle that you have drawn with the preferred colour. A dull colour blends in well. Finally, finish your sexy look with either two or three thickening or lengthening mascara.

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