Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

  • Know your practitioner

A reputable, qualified and experienced practitioner should be selected for performing the surgery. Thorough research should be done about various cosmetic surgeons providing the procedure you are looking for. Get information about the areas they are specialized in and how long they have been practicing.

  • Meet them personally

It is important to meet the plastic surgeon personally before finalizing the decision. You should feel comfortable with the surgeon, only then can you communicate your aesthetic goals and expectations well.

  • Do thorough research about the procedure

On the internet, you will get plenty of information on reliable websites about various cosmetic surgery procedures. You can watch videos of the procedure and listen to people who have already got the procedure done. However, the information that is gathered should be verified with the practitioner.

  • Understand the risks involved

With every procedure of plastic surgery, there are some associated risks. During consultation with the practitioner, all these risks should be discussed. You can openly discuss all your concerns with your surgeon.

  • Let the advertising and price not influence you

Do not be led by advertising and information about discounted pricing for cosmetic procedures. Instead of focusing on the price, focus on the quality of treatment and trustworthiness of the plastic surgeon.

  • Consider your plastic surgeon’s previous work

See the examples of work done by the surgeon previously. See before and after photos as it will help in establishing realistic expectations. It will also prove how capable the doctor is.

  • Don’t strive to look like some celebrity

Always ensure that the surgery is being done for the right reasons. The procedure should be taken into consideration carefully and shouldn’t be taken lightly. All individuals are different and hence, results also may differ. Don’t have unrealistic expectations and don’t strive to look like some celebrity.

  • Consult a loved one

Consult a family member or a friend before the procedure. Their input can be quite valuable and may bring to mind certain questions that weren’t taken into consideration before.

  • Understand the process of recovery

You should be fully informed about the process of recovery so that preparation can be done in advance. This is regarding the follow-up visits and post-operative care.

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