As mentioned, washing your hair every day may make you feel like you’re taking out all the grease but it encourages the scalp to produce more oils. Limit your hair washing to every other day. Some people, such as Jessica Simpson, limit their hair washing to once or twice a month and rinse it on a regular basis.

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner may save time but it makes your hair worse. While trying to strip your hair of the oils, grease and dirt, it is trying to add more oil in. It simply doesn’t give your hair the wash it deserves, let alone helping to deal with greasy hair. Opt for separate products. They may cost more and take up more time but they are worth it for sleek-looking hair.

If you need to use conditioner, keep it away from the roots as much as possible. If your roots do cause a problem, place the bulk of the conditioner at the tips and then lightly run your fingers through your roots. Use as little conditioner as possible as your scalp will already produce the oils that the hair needs.

Products that are designed for oily hair are better. They have been specifically made for those with excess oils and help to add fewer oils back into the hair when conditioning. This can take time to find as you choose the different products. Invest in the small, travel sized options while you try to find something that helps with your oil production.

If you use styling products, look for those that are water-based. Anything that is creamy will just add more oil to your hair and makes greasy-looking hair worse. Read the ingredients-there are some specifically designed for oily hair.

Brushing too much spreads the natural oils into your hair more and makes it look worse. Brush your hair enough to make it neat but no more than that. Avoid brushing your hair when wet as this damages it.

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