Apply Hair Conditioners for Dry Hair

  • If you have long dry hair, the process of applying a conditioning agent might get extremely difficult. The first thing you must do is purchase the right product. The market is filled with products that claim to condition dry hair perfectly; however, very few of them really work. We would ask you to buy a bottle that is marketed by a reputable company and contains egg as one of its primary ingredient. This is because egg is a great remedy for dry locks.
  • Before you initiate the application procedure, you have another job to complete. You must make sure that the head on your hair have same texture as the falling locks. If you find that the falling locks are not very dry, you may need to pick another conditioner. Make sure that the second conditioner is for normal hair and belongs to the same manufacturing company as the first.
  • This step begins the actual application procedure. Women with excessively dry and damaged hair might need to invest several minutes for detangling their locks. Doing this is extremely necessary for them to get maximum benefits of applying conditioner. Once the locks are detangled properly, you must comb it using a find tooth comb.
  • After completing the above steps perfectly, your hair is now ready for the treatment. Rinse the locks carefully using water and spray the conditioner to all your hair; there’s no need of applying the conditioning agent to the scalp. If you are using two types of product, apply them separately; begin with the one meant for the hair on your head and finish the process by applying the one meant for your falling locks.
  • Now, you will have to wait. How much time you will have to wait depends on the instructions provided by the manufacturing company of the conditioning agent you used. Usually, the instructions will tell you to wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Once the waiting time is over, go below the bathroom shower and turn it on. Rinse your hair thoroughly until the entire conditioner applied by you is removed. Towel-dry your hair and sit beneath the fan. Comb the treated locks only when it’s absolutely dry.

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