There are several types of mustache wax, ranging from chemically engineered to organic and natural. I won’t say which is better and which isn’t, as it is purely a matter of taste. Some prefer one type, others prefer another, so basically it’s what works for you.

Whichever composition it is, mustache wax usually comes in a puck in the form of a very thick and consistent substance. It is hard to scrape it, let alone spread it evenly on your facial hairs, so here’s a couple of methods to help you as you go along:

First, you may need to heat it a bit to soften its consistency. Some prefer to use a hair dryer to blow on it for a minute or so, others use hot tap water. You can let hot water pour on the puck until you feel it’s softening. this is a trial and error thing, so keep doing it until you find your own rhythm and method. Scrape a bit on your nail on on your finger. Not too much, unless you want to get a greasy appearance to your mustache.

Next rub you fingers together to create a ball the size of a pea with the wax. Afterwards flatten the ball between your fingers and start rubbing it in order to warm it even more, which in turns will yield a very workable bit of wax.

Next apply it to your mustache starting from the center and working your way to the ends. Spread it evenly as you will need to create a uniform look, without having any extra spaces in your style. You can use a hard comb for a bit of extra leverage and for a more orderly look. Be careful not to allow extra dollops of wax forming in your hairs, it will look awkward and it will also be harder to remove.

What you also need to know about using mustache wax is that you also have to remove it. You can either use hot water and natural soap, or wax remover. Shower gels and other substances may be damaging for you hairs, so I suggest natural soap. Just wash it off thoroughly and it should be gone in a few seconds.

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