This is a must! Nurses cannot constantly run back and forth to their locker to retrieve the instruments they need. On the other hand, it would also be difficult to carry everything needed in their hands all the time. This way they are constantly setting all the instruments down and picking them up again every time after they are done treating the patient in each ward. Such behaviors look highly unprofessional and let’s not forget how tiring it could get.

It could also give the patients the impression that the nurse is not reliable enough to take care of them. All of this is why a scrub with lots of convenient pockets is necessary to give the nurse a professional and composed look all the time. For a person saving lives, a nurse should look the part rather than giving the impression of a person who needs saving themselves.

A soft and stretchy fabric ensures all day comfort for nurses. Comfort is necessary for them to feel easy on their feet because the nurses have to constantly lift, bend and carry out multiple tasks which require flexibility in wear. A stretchy and soft fabric ensures no tearing during bending, lifting or other movements during the day. A long day can seem even longer if spent wearing uncomfortable clothes, that is why the pair of scrubs have to be soft and comfortable to wear.

For a nurse, being seen in scrubs with tears and stains is awful. It looks highly unprofessional and makes the patients doubt the nurse’s competence in treating them. So a scrub that is stain and tear resistant is vital for very nurse.

It can get really stuffy in scrubs with all the running back and forth that a nurse has to do. That is why it is important for the fabric of the scrubs to be breathable ensuring the nurse is always cool and calm rather than hot and smelly.

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