Powerful Remedy for Stretch Marks

Keeping the skin hydrated at all times is essential for healthy skin. On the outside, you can use a good moisturizer to meet this goal. Keeping your body hydrated on the inside is also important. Make sure your fluid intake is good and that you eat a healthy, balanced diet. This also ensures you do not keep fluctuating weight-wise. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, fibers, whole wheat grains, vegetables etc. In addition, exercise regularly and you will find that you can maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Moisturize well, in fact, use generous amounts of honey if you can. It is a great moisturizer that is also good for fading of scars and blemishes. Natural ingredients like this when applied regularly will really do wonders for your skin. It will do away with stretch marks, dark spots, and other blemishes. You can also use a combination of coconut oil and olive oil mixed in equal measure. Apply generously on affected areas for about half an hour and then wash it away with powdered chickpea or gram flour. This procedure can be done twice a week, it is an excellent remedy for doing away with stretch marks on your body.

Massage therapy is another highly recommended means of dealing with stretch marks. A good massage loosens up the tough scar tissue, increasing much needed blood flow and allowing the body to heal better. If you wish to avoid stretch marks, going for a massage is recommended during pregnancy as well, by a trained and experienced professional. Another popular technique is exfoliation of the skin. This is done to remove the thin layer of dead cells and work on the scar tissue slowly. Use a good cleanser like tea tree while exfoliating the skin with a loofah, or a bristled brush to make your skin good as new in no time.

Many folks wonder how to get rid of stretch marks? Home remedies, along with a consultation with a dermatologist is a good thing to do. It is a combination of multiple treatments that work best. You cannot get instant results though, and most products promising that are simply hoaxes designed to loot unwitting customers. Using creams containing a combination of substances like cocoa butter, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, mink oil, aloe Vera gel, Shea butter are all recommended products that are a good remedy. Vitamin E creams are also a good bet for tackling this problem over time.

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