Benefits Strong Jawline

Gets Better Starting Salary

Studies have shown that people with a Strong Jaw are given higher salary than typical looking applicants. While it is not an exact science, there is a clear prejudice that good looking people have an advantage in the workplace.

Improves Salary

People with a Strong Jaw are considered attractive, and they are likely to get a better salary than those with weak ones. A study showed that the appearance matters no matter what field you are in.

Gives More Confidence

A person with a Strong Jaw is seen to be more confident, which resonates from the inside. Attractiveness boosts the ego of a person. Good looking people don’t need to worry about their appearance, which makes them more self-assured than the rest.

Make a Person More Influential

A Strong Jaw gives its bearer more confidence to face other people. This might be the reason why they … Read the rest

Food for Glowing Skin

Consume Fresh Fruits and Veggies

To ensure your body gets the nutrients that it needs, you should consume fresh fruit and vegetables as often as possible. While the selection itself is mostly a matter of personal preference, you should try to include as many different varieties as possible. Each fruit and vegetable has its own unique selection of nutrients to offer, and consuming a variety of these will ensure that your intake of natural nutrients will be well balanced.

Fruit and vegetables are a natural form of anti-oxidant. They help you to reduce the toxins in your body which can cause acne and inflammation so that you will have beautiful skin.

Be Careful with Supplements

Another thing to keep in mind is be careful about indiscriminately consuming large amounts of vitamin supplements. While it is true that some vitamins can be taken in rather large quantities without any direct ill … Read the rest

Benefits Drinking Water

Water keeps you looking young

It moisturises and reduces the appearance of those very unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. While male models generally hit the peak of their careers when they’re a bit older, female modelling is all about youth. Drinking water is the most natural way to maintain clear, young looking skin, without having to splash out on expensive facials and spot-fighting products.

Water helps you lose weight

Maintaining a good figure and being the correct size is very important for a model. Drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight, because it helps your metabolism: Water is needed for energy release from food. It also gives you the hydration needed to do exercise. It supports muscle building, by carrying oxygen to the cells, allowing your muscles to work harder and longer. It also helps your body metabolise stored fat better, flushes out toxins and prevents fluid retention; … Read the rest

Bye-Bye to Acne

Stick to One

Skin problems like acne can start and actually develop during puberty but adult acne could be a problem as well. If you have a regimen that suits your face since you were younger, then you want to stick to it. It’s understandable that you want to experiment on new possibilities for better facial skin. However, if there is nothing wrong with your old acne treatment(s), there is no need for you to change your ways. Just stick to one.

Freshen up!

To avoid acne and prevent future breakouts, you need to regularly clean your face. Make it a habit to freshen up before you hit the sack or after you went out. Make sure that you get rid of the dust and unwanted oils from your face to prevent acne causes. Improving and maintaining an excellent hygiene will help you get avoid and actually get rid of … Read the rest

Adding Night Cream

Over $700 million dollars is spent per year on anti-aging skin care products and facial moisturizers according to Mintel International Group, a market research firm. Companies such as Nivea, Lancome, Vichy and Avon are just a few of the major players trying to wrestle business to their corner. Folks will gladly fork over the money if they are convinced that a product will perform as advertised.

The claims of moisturizing while you sleep, minimizing lines and wrinkles, fighting off free radicals, erasing sun spots, firming the skin texture and perfecting your skin tone are intriguing indeed – intriguing enough to entice you to pull out the credit card for sure. We need to be aware, however, that basic moisturizing ingredients alone will not perform all of the above mentioned jobs effectively. This is where an educated and informed consumer has an advantage over the one who has not done their

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

  • Know your practitioner

A reputable, qualified and experienced practitioner should be selected for performing the surgery. Thorough research should be done about various cosmetic surgeons providing the procedure you are looking for. Get information about the areas they are specialized in and how long they have been practicing.

  • Meet them personally

It is important to meet the plastic surgeon personally before finalizing the decision. You should feel comfortable with the surgeon, only then can you communicate your aesthetic goals and expectations well.

  • Do thorough research about the procedure

On the internet, you will get plenty of information on reliable websites about various cosmetic surgery procedures. You can watch videos of the procedure and listen to people who have already got the procedure done. However, the information that is gathered should be verified with the practitioner.

  • Understand the risks involved

With every procedure of plastic surgery, there are some associated risks.

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Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Though donning these wigs can sometimes prove to be hectic but nothing can be compared to the soft and shiny texture that they possess and the classy yet natural look that they give. Even top celebrities use human hair lace wigs that have versatile style. Having a comfortable fit, these human hair lace front wigs can be worn on any occasion to reflect your style. They are natural looking and undetectable and the lace base cap construction makes them easy to wear.

The best part about these wigs is that one can style them just like natural hair. Now what does this mean? This means that one can make curls, straighten them or even make a ponytail just as one does with natural hair. One can even choose to don a carefree look just by spraying and parting the hair. One can also choose to use them solo or combine

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Before Buying Any Sunscreens

  • Your Sunscreen Could Have Retinol or Vitamin A: Lots of sunscreens do have retinol or vitamin A which is very dangerous. It could create tumors! Don’t expose your skin to sunlight up to one week if your sunscreen contains retinol or vitamin A.
  • Think about SPF: SPF is a very common term for sunscreen users. As a sunscreen user, you should know that you can get rid of UVB ray, but not UVA ray. Many manufactures exploit the term SPF. They manufacture products with high SPF and sell them claiming that they are good for your skin which is not right. If you stay outside knowing that your sunscreen with high SPF can protect you from dangerous sunlight, then you are wrong. Sunscreens can’t defend UVA ray well. So, any sunscreens with SPF higher than 50 should be avoided.
  • Don’t Overlook Oxybenzone: This is another chemical that you should give
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Flawless Skin and Hair

Follow the natural path to beauty:

  • Step 1: When bathing, make use of lukewarm water. Refrain from using hot water as it has been proved to strip your skin and hair of its natural oils that help keep them smooth and supple. Wipe your face with a soft towel that does not cause any bruises while wiping off the excess water. Also, in the case of your hair, let it air- dry rather than blow drying it and exposing it to high intensity hot air eventually making it dry and easy to break.
  • Step 2: You must understand the value of having healthy skin and hair. If you wish to flaunt seamless, healthy skin and hair, you need to treat them like fine possessions. While applying cream or moisturizers, apply them gently running your fingers through your face. As far as possible, try keeping your hands away from your face
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Organic Moisturizer

Many moisturizers are laden with chemicals which can actually harm your skin as well as your overall health overtime. Some chemicals react with sunlight generating free radicals which damage and destroy cells causing your skin to age more quickly. The other risk with applying chemicals to your skin is the risk to your health. It’s been reported that over 60% of what you apply to the surface of your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, you want to avoid feeding your skin chemicals which may end up wreaking havoc on the inside of your body.

However, not all natural or organic moisturizers are created equal. Many companies will put a few natural or organic ingredients in a moisturizer along with inexpensive chemicals and slap an “organic” or “natural” label on it. But in the vast sea of skin care products there are respectable companies that create exceptional and safe

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