Never Having Chapped Lips Again


It’s so much strange that we carry our sippers and water bottles everywhere in summers, just wherever we go. On the contrary, we completely forget during winters that the body needs water be it summers or winters. No matter you need more water in summers and you feel more thirst at that time, but winters do not mean that the body already has all the hydration it wants. The form of water might differ according to the temperatures around, but what we need to understand is that the body and skin needs ample hydration in all seasons to process normally. Herbal tea during winters is an awesome substitute for hydration. Also liquid foods, such as fibrous fruits, veggies and soup are amazing options. Have water whenever you can. Proper hydration is the solution to many major problems including chapping of lips. Pancreatic, bladder and intestinal problems that ultimately lead to chapping of lips can be cured by proper hydration.

Protect and treat them right!

Shielding your precious belongings is such a task! Right? So why not protect your lips too. Materialistic things can still be re-made, but not any of those wonderful features that the nature has bestowed on us. Lips are a wonderful possession to restore, pamper and protect dedicatedly. Exposing your lips to harsh weather will harm them gravely. To overcome this, applying a good nature based lip balm is a good option. Lips only become addicted to balms in case of petroleum or other chemical base in the product that you are using. If the product is natural and belongs to a trusted brand, it definitely maintains that protective layer on your lips that protects the lips and also controls your yearn to lick or chew your lips. Protection is a kind of prevention but in case of already chapped lips, treatment is equally important as protection. Using coconut oil with a little sugar as an exfoliation step is a good treatment. Honey and moisture fruit pastes are also good to use as natural applications.

Keep your nose clean

Closed and choked nose and wind pipe during winters is another pain in the neck. This is not just a cluster of irritation while talking and performing daily chores, but also bars a sound sleep. We generally open or mouth and sleep in case of cold, cough and choked nose leading to cold air adversely affecting the lips drying them and ultimately flaking them to chapped lips. Try using a Neti pot to clean out your sinuses, it might be irritable initially, but in case of rational use, it can do wonders to improve the nostril congestion. Pranayam’s anulom vilom (alternative nostril breathing and kapaal bhaati are yogic practices that improves breathing, calms your mind and drastically adds to your well being. Good breathing means proper balances of oxygen which will help preventing lips from chapping. Try to breathe more from nose and you will see the difference yourself.

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