Natural Hair Transitioning Guide

  • A good trim at the beginning
    Go for a good trim to get rid of those split ends. Transitioning will cause more split ends and so it is better to chop off those thin ends in the beginning.
  • Stay away from hair appliances
    Blow dryers and flat irons may have been your friends for years but now it is time to bid them goodbye. Always remember that heating your hair will lead to more split ends and breakage and hence you should stay away from them. Go for hair styles that do not requiring unnecessary heating.
  • Take good care of your hair
    This means that you use hair masks and packs that will keep the hair clean and healthy and also make it strong. You can use olive oil or sesame oil to massage your hair before shampooing. You should also deep condition your tresses to keep them healthy. Go for organic products that are devoid of chemicals and will make your natural black hair shine with health.
  • Trim regularly
    If you find your mane getting brittle or developing split ends, go for trimming. Make sure that your trim the split ends only.
  • Use conditioner to detangle
    Detangling weak hair can be an ordeal. Use conditioners in generous amounts to detangle. For best result, divide your hair into sections and work on them separately.
  • Keep your hair moisturized
    You should take particular care to moisturize your hair. Organic and creamy products are great to hydrate those long tresses while they are in transition. Using natural oils will seal the moisture. Castor oil is thick and good as a sealing agent.
  • Flat twist your hair
    It is important to learn how to do your hair. Flat twists are great for black hair that is transitioning. They do not put pressure on the hair strands and at the same time are easy to do and maintain also.
  • Wear headbands for different looks
    Headbands serve multiple of purposes. They are great at hiding your sins and can also lend you different looks. A colorful headband is what you need to jazz up your hair. Headbands are available almost everywhere. You can even wear your hair in puffs with headbands.

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