• Get rid of tiny hairs. Sometimes the base of the hair follicles can appear darker, making the pore more obvious. Tip: Hair removal by threading can leave your skin super-smooth. For teeny-tiny hairs, pore strips can be effective, and will also remove clogging impurities at the same time!
  • Know your skin type. Because an oily complexion can lead to oil being trapped in pores. These deposits can oxidize and become dark in color, creating the blackheads that often accompany larger pores. Tip: Keep that skin squeaky clean with a gentle exfoliating cleanser or natural acne treatments that work to keep pores clear. Many of us have an oily T-zone, so we may have to pay particular attention to these areas, which can have larger pores.
  • Power-up you anti-aging regimen. Time and UV rays break down collagen and elastin structures that prop up the pore walls. Tip: Protect rain or shine with an oil-free SPF, and use a product with retinol that boosts elastin and collagen production. Some products are specifically labeled as “pore minimizing”, and can be very helpful.
  • Avoid the magnifying mirror. I say this a lot, but this is where you see imperfections that no one else can see – and encourages picking. Picking can lead to a kind of scarring that permanently enlarges the pore. Tip – If you have decent eyesight, the magnifying mirror should be for emergency use only. Don’t let that magnifying mirror turn tiny imperfections into bigger ones. If you can’t see them without magnification, nobody else can either!

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