Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Often known as a “non-surgical facelift”, microcurrent facial sculpting is the latest treatment that utilizes low energy of electricity known as microcurrent. These tiny energy impulses work within your skin to trigger chemical and biological reactions at cellular level to boost the collagen and elastin production rate, stimulating blood circulation, and working directly on the nerves and muscles to smooth and firming up the skin.

  • ATP or adenosine triphosphates is stimulated up to 500%
  • Blood circulation is revved up by about 28%
  • Your body’s ability to produce collagen and strengthen and lengthen the elastin fibers can be 45-50%

This non-surgical treatment utilizes the fact that as we age, our body tends to produce less electrical activity, which in turn slows down the message and nerves response to our brain.

By stimulating your biological function and the ATP (adenosine triphosphates) production by delivering microcurrent, the nerve response will be restored and in turn stimulates your brain to send signals to your skin in order to repair and rejuvenate it, thereby restoring it to its more youthful appearance once again.

Because microcurrent works with collagen at a cellular level, your clients will benefit immensely from various signs of aging; including significantly reducing the appearance of those fine lines, wrinkles and creases, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins, dirt, and impurities for a healthier skin, shrinking enlarged pores, and achieving a visibly firmer skin. By boosting collagen and elastin production this will also diminish any unsightly appearance of scars, blemishes, and stretch marks as well.

Unlike other face lift procedures, this non-surgical treatment has no side effects. The treatment only uses very low electrical energy for stimulation at a cellular level. For this reason most skin care specialists and dermatologists recommend microcurrent facial sculpting as a first choice in rejuvenating your skin before trying anything else.

There is:

  • No Pain
  • No Downtime after the treatment; and
  • Is so relaxing, you will probably fall asleep during the treatment.

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting is simply a non-invasive treatment that can eliminate signs of aging while still maintaining a natural look compared to what commonly happens with surgical procedures; which is why this treatment is so appealing for celebrities. Simply because it works and there is no recovery time needed.

This treatment is worthwhile, affordable, and no risk for those of us desiring younger looking skin. It is available through Skin Care Specialists, Estheticians and Dermatologists; as well as by Chiropractors and Wellness Practitioners offering alternative methods to surgery.

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