The hair is also a part of your body. You should be able to do to your hair what you usually do to the rest of your body to keep it well-maintained. This constantly removes the dirt on your scalp and prevents air and other nutritional essentials from getting through to the rest of your hair. Use tested and nicely scented shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

Comb your hair

Regular combing of your hair enhances its growth by improving the flow of blood to the scalp. If possible, wait for it to dry before combing it. Blood carries with it oxygen and nutritious substances and removes the wastes and dead cells that are present therefore enhancing its growth.

Feed your hair

Your hair needs to eat just as much as you do. What you eat will determine how well it grows and how appealing it becomes. Eating a balanced diet and supplementing it with fruits and vegetables provides the nutrition that it needs.

Do not scratch

If you feel itchy, massage rather than scratch. Scratching can cause some bruises on your scalp and can also introduce infection in your body especially if you have long nails which are not kept clean. Gentle massage will be more effective even in allowing blood flow to your scalp.

Oil your hair

Eating a balanced diet is not enough in providing nutrition to your hair. Buy oils which are made specifically for hair growth and treat it. Treatment with oils and other conditioners rejuvenates your scalp and add strength to your follicles. You can use natural treatment methods like eggs and avocados. It also makes your hair stronger and healthier, preventing easy splitting at the ends.


Your hair needs some rest, just as you do after a long working day. You do not have to keep styling your hair or even washing it daily. That does not mean that you should be untidy. It means that if you style your hair today, give it some time before touching it again. Let it take a break.


If you feel that your maintenance is hard, or you have some areas of baldness, you can get a transplant. The cost of the transplant may be much, but the benefits will outweigh the price.

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