Herbalife Ingredients: The Focus is Quality from the Beginning

Herbalife Nutrition has been a leader when it comes to nutrition products since 1980. One of the main reasons for the longevity of this organization is related to the quality Herbalife ingredients used when creating their nutritional products.

Quality with Herbalife ingredients isn’t limited to sourcing the ingredients alone. Herbalife remains committed to excellence at every stage of product development. This includes things like:

  • Safety checks
  • Quality assurance
  • Science and research
  • Label design
  • Packaging

Among the people working to help create these outstanding nutrition products and helping to maintain their high standards are more than 300 scientists, more than 50 of whom hold PhDs in their fields. And that’s just the beginning.

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Herbalife Nutrition works with trusted farmers who offer complete transparency so they can trace the active ingredients used to make their products and adhere to the strictest quality control standards in manufacturing plants with locations in North Carolina, California, and the Hunan and Jiangsu Provinces of China. On top of that, Herbalife conducts more than 500,000 tests to verify their products meet specific standards when it comes to flavor, nutrition, and ingredient purity, among other things.

These standards must be working well, Herbalife sold more than 77.7 million protein shakes in 2019 alone and have been recognized and awarded by numerous agencies for the level of quality the organization has remained committed to for 40 years.

Herbalife Botanical Innovation

Herbalife is not without its share of competitors in the market, which is why they are always searching for innovations in nutritional products, leading them to the field of botanical innovation where great things are happening. The worldwide population is booming, as is the demand for certain nutritional products. Because of that, it has become increasingly difficult for people who make these nutritional products to source quality ingredients.

One of the most widely used Herbalife ingredients is tea. Because Herbalife only works with trusted growers who have been cultivating their tea leaves in the lush landscape of rural China for many generations, the company can adhere to high standards and best practices. It also helps to create transparency within the supply line.

Because the organization is so committed to quality ingredients that are good for the body, they do not rely on history or experience alone to continue these supply chain relationships. In fact, Herbalife utilizes DNA-based forensics to help ensure the quality and consistency of the ingredients used in their nutritional products.

Herbalife also works with the NHP Research Alliance, a third-party organization, to help create industry standards for health products in hopes that it will create a pathway for better regulations when it comes to health and nutrition products for consumers.

The process of DNA-based forensics for ingredients, like tea, that go into creating nutrition products for the company is essential for helping to authenticate the ingredients so that the company and consumers are confident in the quality and purity of the products the organization offers.

Authenticity is something that is important to the Herbalife brand and that means they do not want to cut corners, even unintentionally. Verifying the authenticity of their ingredients is one simple way Herbalife Nutrition can maintain the superb quality people expect when purchasing their products and maintain the integrity of their good name.

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