Ceramic hair dryers are made to deliver even gentle heat to promote healthy smooth hair.

All Ceramic dryers produce ionic heat that function to smooth damaged hair


In general, tourmaline heat does the same job as ceramic heat. The main difference is tourmaline heat works faster than ceramic heat.

Tourmaline dryers boost the ionic output.

As a result tourmaline heat styling will also contain ceramic technology but ceramic hair dryers do not need to have tourmaline.


This technology will distribute even heat. This means, faster drying time and higher heat settings can be achieved.

In addition the negative ionic technology is present, which promotes healthy hair follicles.


All three technologies will use the same ionic technologies that smooth unruly strands.

While ceramic heat produces negative ions, tourmaline and titanium heat boosts the output to speed up the styling time.

The main differences:

  • Ceramic alone produces a gentle ionic heat that will smooth hair
  • Tourmaline will smooth and dry hair faster
  • Titanium heat will smooth, dry quickly and achieve higher heat settings

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