• You can either choose to carry on growing out the length as well as the layers until its all longer, the disadvantage of this method is that it will always be quite messy looking and highly likely (if you have a low hairline) that you will at some point have a kind of mullety look. This method will end up looking a bit like a shag, so is great for trendier people.
  • You can grow all the layers out longer first while keeping sides and back shorter and neater, then when it reaches a certain length then the whole of hair will need to grow. At some point you will end up with a kid of bob shape. This one is the ‘neater’ way of growing out hair but for people who hate bobs, this method may not be for you.

Then as the hair continues to grow you will hit the worst point where the hair will hit the shoulders and flip! This is unavoidable so depending on how much you hate hair flipping, this can be controlled by how much or how short your layers are at this point. You could grow it down with heavier layers to keep the flipping from happening so much and then add more layers as you get past this stage or you can have quite a few layers and have it looking very rock chickish.

BUT… you should be aware that depending on your hair type and thickness, having too many layers at this length could very well result in a ‘Rachel’ from friends which in my eyes is a no no!!

Once you get about 2inches past the shoulder then you are scot-free and well on your way to having long hair!!! Anyway, hope this helps you get past the worst stages.

Remember texture texture thin out and chop it up, that’s the secret! Oh and of course a good hairstylist helps.

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