Getting Rid Of Dark Circles

Getting the appropriate eight hours of recommended sleep per night is something many do not take that seriously. It’s time to buck up! Come what may, ensure you get your eight wholesome hours of sleep to keep away from under eye bags and dark circles. Maximum of the skin disorders takes place due to the lack of ample amount of sleep.

The sun’s UV rays are not only harmful for your skin but for your eyes too. Therefore, slathering on some sunscreen is not enough. Wear a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes as well as the area around your eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, which is one of the major reasons leading to dark circles and certain skin disorders.

The main trick is to keep your eyes Cool!

  • Keep a cucumber in the refrigerator for about an hour. Once it has cooled, cut two slices, and gently place them over your eyes like an eye patch. Let it sit there for a good fifteen minutes.
  • You could also use ice cubes on your eyes by placing it over your eyelids for ten minutes. Once done, dab your eyes with a dry towel.
  • One more age-old technique is to put a teaspoon in the freezer for fifteen minutes. Once cooled for that time span, remove it and place it over your eyelids until the spoon is back to room temperature. Repeat if required.
  • Yet another traditional practice is by placing a tea bag to soak in cold water for about five minutes. Then place it onto your eyelids and let it work its magic thereafter.

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