Consume Fresh Fruits and Veggies

To ensure your body gets the nutrients that it needs, you should consume fresh fruit and vegetables as often as possible. While the selection itself is mostly a matter of personal preference, you should try to include as many different varieties as possible. Each fruit and vegetable has its own unique selection of nutrients to offer, and consuming a variety of these will ensure that your intake of natural nutrients will be well balanced.

Fruit and vegetables are a natural form of anti-oxidant. They help you to reduce the toxins in your body which can cause acne and inflammation so that you will have beautiful skin.

Be Careful with Supplements

Another thing to keep in mind is be careful about indiscriminately consuming large amounts of vitamin supplements. While it is true that some vitamins can be taken in rather large quantities without any direct ill effects, there can be consequences.

In some cases, the excess consumption of one vitamin can lead to the suppression of the functions of another. For instance – if you consume too much vitamin A, your body has problems creating vitamin D.

It is a problem that easily arises if you drink many different supplements and the content from the different sources start adding up.

Unfortunately, it has been proven that while these supplements are – in most cases – beneficial, there is also plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that they lack some capabilities offered only by their natural counterparts. There is no doubt that nutrients from natural sources are better than those in supplements.

Buy Organic

Finally – go organic wherever possible. It is an unfortunate truth that modern day farming practices were developed around productivity – and that undesirable substances were introduced along the way.

As a result, many common food items that we perceive as fresh and healthy are simply not that healthy any more. Wherever possible, check the source of your fresh food items, and see if they were organically raised.

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