To start your transformation and create that smoky eye look you have to first determine the colors that you want to work with. The best choices for those who are looking for a sexy new look is to go with a black, grey, or a brown color of eye shadow. If you are feeling especially daring this evening you can go to the extreme and try a burgundy, plum, or navy eye shadow. Be certain to match the color of your eyeliner to pull off the smoky look successfully.

Begin this process by preparing your eye lid. You will need to apply a very thin layer of your foundation across the lids. If you have a concealer or a primer available these tend to pull off this look more successfully. They will help to keep the makeup on much longer through the evening and give you a more vibrant and bold appearance. Apply in a sweeping motion your flesh colored powder or shadow.

This is time for a steady hand. Take your pencil and begin tracing your lash line. To create the smoky look you have to work from the inside and make the lines thicker as you reach the end. Flick the pencil towards the end to give your eyes that cat eye look. Drawing along your inner rims will enhance this look and give your cat eye look a more intense feel. By drawing the inner rims you create more definition and help your eyes to stand out much more. Blending with a Q-Tip is recommended because you do not want the area to look heavy or clumsy.

Take out your brush and start to sweep on a light layer of shadow near your lash line using your eyeshadow brush. This will help to diffuse the eyeliner, and using lighter colors like pearl or white will work best. Once complete you need to use a darker color here and begin to cover the middle of your eye lid fanning in an outward motion towards the crease.

Continue working that area by tracing along the crease and socket. Once you have completed this area flick towards the corner of your eye brow with a much darker shade. When you pull off this step correctly you can add intense sexual appeal and definitive. When you are completed take a little nude shimmer and apply to your brow bone. This helps to bring attention to the highest point and accentuates your eyes.

Take your softest brush and blend all harsh lines that still appear. Sweeping under your eyes will pick up any residue that may have collected during the process. Using a white eye pencil to draw a line to your waterline and tear duct will give the appearance you have wider and sexier eyes. This also brings out the natural color of your eyes. To complete the look simply apply a few coats of your mascara to curled eye lashes. Your sexy smoky eye look is complete, no go out and turn some heads tonight.

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