Colors That Suit the Shape of Eyes

  • If you have almond eyes.

Look at yourself in the mirror and check on the shape of your eyes. If you have almond eyes like actresses Liv Tyler or Catherine Zeta-Jones, you can do pretty much any eye makeup that you feel like doing. The only thing to avoid is putting too much eyeliner on the upper lid, as this will make your eyes look heavier and smaller.

  • If you have downturned eyes.

Downturned eyes have a downward angle at the outer corners – similar to the peepers of actress Katie Holmes. This kind of eye shape needs to give given a lift, so use heavy mascara and apply eyeliner with an upward twist on the outside.

  • If you have heavy-lidded eyes.

If you have heavy-lidded eyes, you can play with colors a lot. The only thing that you need to be careful about is using too much mascara or eyeliner.

  • If you have deep-set eyes.

For women with deep-set eyes like Demi Moore, you can also use lots of mascara. Also, try not to apply eyeliner on the water line to make your eyes more evenly set apart.

  • If you have hooded eyes.

Lastly, if you have hooded eyes with a heavy lid – try not to go heavy on the eye makeup and focus on other aspects of your face instead.

For more ideas, look for specific types of eye makeup on the Internet so that you can imitate the look that you’d like to create – and look your best on the night of your event.

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