• Find a bowl or mug that you want to mix the cream in and fill it with hot water
  • Let your brush soak in the hot water for 10-15 seconds
  • Squeeze most, but not all, of the water out of the brush into the sink
  • With the brush very moist, dip the tip of the brush into the jar until the bristles have about an almond-sized amount (collectively)
  • Move the brush in a fast circular, whipping motion, on the inside of the bowl or mug to allow the shaving cream to “foam”
  • Once you have the consistency you want, use the brush to apply the cream to your face and neck
  • You can add more hot water to re-use excess shaving cream down the road

While applying classic shaving cream is more of a process, it provides a more comfortable shaving experience. By applying the cream with a brush you are stimulating the hair, causing it to stand straight up. By causing the hair to stand straight up, you reduce the risk of razor burn or ingrown hair follicles down the road. In addition, many of the less-know shaving brands are packed with ingredients and vitamins that are not found in the mainstream products. When going with the classic shaving cream, you need to be prepared to spend a little more money than you normally would by purchasing an aerosol can, but remember you are getting a better product and one jar will last you a long, long time.

For the ultimate shaving experience, consider coupling the classic shaving cream with pre-shave oil, and a good aftershave. The pre-shave oil will allow your blade to glide easier on your skin, reducing the tug and pull often experienced during shaving. Aftershave contains antiseptic agents that prevent infections of cuts, and act as an astringent to reduce the common skin irritation of shaving. Combining all of these classic shaving products will round out the shaving process and leave your skin feeling soft and comfortable. Check various sites online to find the best deals on classic shave kits.

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