Choose Spray Tanning Equipment

Spray tanning is something that can be done professionally in either the home of your client or in a salon. Some spray tanning equipment is better suited to a salon environment than for use by a mobile professional or even someone in the home. Therefore it is important to look into what you are buying before making a purchase of equipment.

If you are starting a salon from scratch, and this is your first experience of buying equipment, then a good place to start is often with a kit. The key thing here is to ensure that you buy a kit designed for salon use and not for home use as they will be more heavy duty and upto the requirements of dealing with a lot of spraying. The Iwata Professional G6 Spray Gun tanning kit comes with a Power Jet Pro Compressor which is a good example of a kit that is perfect for a professional salon.

Should you decide that the best option, is to purchase the equipment that you need separately then you need to prepare a list of what it is that you will be needing, so as to be fully prepared. One of the things to definitely consider are some face masks to protect you and your clients from the chemicals used. A Mist Extractor is also a good way to handle removal of chemicals in a small space.

Other popular salon equipment includes a cubicle which can be easily folded away or popped up when needed. The cubicle works by helping to contain any overspray of the overspray and mist and will also keep your work area clean without taking up a lot of space.

When it comes to various other accessories and spares, there is a wide selection of airbrush cleaners, tanning mist extractor filters and spray gun extras available to help you maintain your spray tanning equipment and business.

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