Change These Products to Start Going Green

Cologne and perfume

The reason why we recommend that you start by changing your cologne and perfume is because these products do not require that the manufacturer list the ingredients contained in them by law. This means that companies have the right to protect their trade secret but at the expense of consumers who end up absorbing many potentially dangerous chemicals.

Solution: We recommend that you switch from regular perfumes to ones that are made from natural ingredients like essential oils that are derived from plants. These will contain food extracts like from mint and cinnamon. That said these perfumes and colognes are slightly more expensive than regular perfumes (depending on brand) but ensure that you buy from a reputed seller.

Face lotion

Since face lotion has to be rubbed into your skin, and also stays the longest in contact with your skin the chemicals they contain have enough time to cause damage. This is one reason why there are hundreds of stories of face lotion causing rashes, scars and burns. Thankfully there are natural alternatives.

The solution: Always buy a natural face lotion which contains ingredients like soy proteins, blue lotus plant, vitamin E and D. If you are purchasing a natural moisturizer then make sure it contains coca butters combined with essential oils. The advantage of this is that it will be light on the skin, protect it during the dry winter and have a floral fragrance.

Your Deodorant

The deodorant you use may be more dangerous than you think owing to the chemicals contained in it. Regular deodorants contain a lot of aluminum, they also aid in hygiene by blocking the skin’s pores which makes it near impossible for it to release sweat. This contributes to several health issues since the toxins never escape from the body. There is some research that has linked regular deodorant use to breast cancer, brain damage, respiratory disorders and Alzheimer’s.

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