• Myth 1: Frequent rupturing of the breast implants: This is one of the most common claims a woman is likely to encounter — the myth that the prostheses rupture easily often making further surgeries necessary for fixing the damages. However, the reality is completely different from this assertion. Statistics from the Institute of Medicine give a clear indication about the deflation rate being only to the tune of 10% in the case of silicone implants after a period of 5 years and 7% after 7 years in the case of saline implants.
  • Myth 2: Implants result in mammograms being misread: Detection of breast cancer can be hindered as a result of breast implants obstructing the view obtained by the mammogram. Although it may be true to a certain extent, radiologists are sufficiently experienced and trained to manipulate the breast differently and take additional views for ensuring the full visibility of the chest area.
  • Myth 3: Breast implants will result in your getting dropped by health insurance: Just as the above myth, this too is partly true as women having undergone breast augmentation surgery are dropped by some of insurance companies. However, the percentage of such companies is too small and it is not the common norm. In such cases checking out the insurance company’s policies regarding the breast augmentation surgery becomes important. Ensure to ask them about the likely premium hikes and the potential lapses in coverage in the initial stages of the surgery.
  • Myth 4: Breasts tend to sag faster due to implants: The fact is otherwise, implants do not cause the sagging of the breasts. It is the genetic factors such as loss of weight and elasticity of the skin and gravity, which are responsible for the sagging of breasts. Although additional weight may be added by the prostheses, it is finally the genetic factors that determine as to when and how the breast will sag in due course of time.
  • Myth 5: Breastfeeding is not possible with implants: Breastfeeding may become difficult only in case of women having chosen to get the incision done around the nipple or the areola. However, this problem does not arise as today most of the incisions are placed in the armpit or beneath the breasts which also help in hiding the scars.

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