Water keeps you looking young

It moisturises and reduces the appearance of those very unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. While male models generally hit the peak of their careers when they’re a bit older, female modelling is all about youth. Drinking water is the most natural way to maintain clear, young looking skin, without having to splash out on expensive facials and spot-fighting products.

Water helps you lose weight

Maintaining a good figure and being the correct size is very important for a model. Drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight, because it helps your metabolism: Water is needed for energy release from food. It also gives you the hydration needed to do exercise. It supports muscle building, by carrying oxygen to the cells, allowing your muscles to work harder and longer. It also helps your body metabolise stored fat better, flushes out toxins and prevents fluid retention; a common cause of bloating. This is great because a models body needs to be firm and supple.

Water is good for the brain

Being a model isn’t just about looking good. You also have to engage your brain. You need to listen, concentrate, learn and remember new things all the time. Water works wonders on your cognitive functions. Drinking a lot of water ensures that enough oxygen is carried to the brain, which is essential for your brain to function properly and efficiently.

By always carrying a bottle of water in your bag, keeping a bottle on your desk at work and having a fresh glass on your nightstand every time you go to bed, you can make sure you’re constantly sipping throughout the day. Maybe you could even set reminders on your phone for a while, until it becomes part of your everyday routine.

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