Popular long length hairstyles in the 60’s and 70’s era was to trim them into a combination of long and short layers to create a long shag. It allowed the lady to dress up or dress down depending on the audience she will be meeting at a certain occasion. It was also incredibly easy to go from ruffled to refined look. Even though this hairstyle began to fade after the 70’s, it re-emerged in the mid 90’s. It is at this time, more and more bold styles were experimented upon.

In addition to having a long hair, some women are blessed with naturally wavy hair type. This is a killer combination. Although such hair demands maximum care and attention, they need minimum styling. When let down, the natural waves add bounce and volume without having to use rolls and curls. Wavy long length hairstyles can also include having to braid a portion of them from the back, while leaving the hair on the front to fall as natural waves onto one’s face. Simplest yet most alluring way to step out… isn’t it?

Hair of all lengths (short, medium, long) could be styled as a bun. However, it is particularly favoured by women with long and very long hair. This is due to the fact that, it not only gives one a prim-and-proper look, it is also comfortable wearing a long hair in into a bun. Stylists advice short women to bun up their long hair to enhance the beauty of their neck, and thereby giving them a taller-look.

“Letting one’s hair down”, takes a whole new meaning with long length hairstyles. Whilst maintaining the length of the hair on the back, and to the sides on some extend, the Full Front Fringe cut is most suited for broad face / large forehead. This brings out other features like the nose and chin, while taking away the attention from an unusually broad forehead. Having the hair cut into multiple layers just up to the chin is ideal for women with small facial features. This would give a “fuller” look to the otherwise small face, while the long hair length at the back, add to the natural feminine beauty of such a face-type.

While letting one’s hair down implies the carefree nature of the person, tying one’s hair up stands for being focussed on to the task at hand. Which could probably why women at work tend to tie-up their long hair into a pony-tail. This is easily done with an elastic, and can be re-done without having to depend on styling equipments.

So, however long or short your hair is, I bet at least 2 styles mentioned in this long length hairstyles post would suit you as well. So brush those mane and be proud of your crowning glory.

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